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● I-Guide operator guidance mode ensures that the operator is using the correct technology to test the correct position; ● Improved system design compensates operator errors and reduces the possibility of omission; ● Multiple alarm functions ensure that the alarm will not be ignored; ● The built-in PRO Check reference leak allows simple and fast calibration in the production line at any time; ● The small display in the handlebar of the ergonomic design probe can display the leakage rate, so the operator can pay close attention to the leakage detection process of the suction gun and monitor the leakage rate at the same time; ● The leakage rate can be displayed using the refrigeration equivalent of the gas reservoir; ● The built-in lighting device of the probe can help accurately locate the tip of the suction gun; ● New and low maintenance sensors have high reliability and low cost of ownership; ● Automatic standby can prevent pollutants from entering the suction gun probe, thus extending the service life of filters and sensors; ● Provide multilingual operation software.

Product details

Type Protec P3000
Protec P3000 Helium 1E-7mbar l/s
Protec P3000XL (With 300 sccm ) Helium 1E-7mbar l/s
Protec P3000XL (With 3000 sccm ) Helium 1E-6mbar l/s
Protec P3000 Measuring range 5decades
Protec P3000XL (With 300 sccm ) Measuring range 5decades
Protec P3000XL (With 3000 sccm ) Measuring range 4decades
Sensor response time 450 ms
Response time (including sniffer tube) <0.7 s
Leakage rate unit mbar l/s, ppm, Pa m3/s
Refrigerant equivalent leakage rate g/a; oz/yr; lb/yr
Ambient temperature range 10–45 °C (50–113°F)
Ambient temperature range 610x265x370 mm
Weight 27kg (60 lbs)


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