Ultracold gas can refrigeration temperature below 80℃, mainly used in environmental test chamber, hot and cold impact testing machine, freeze dryer, cryogenic refrigerator or freezer, blood bank refrigerators, biochemical test chamber or other cryogenic equipment. R170 and R508B is currently typical environmental cryogenic refrigerants, R170 and R508B have no damage to the ozone layer. The charging mode of ultracold gas is different from usual gas, currently the rest of the world's manufacturer of ultracold gas filling accuracy is only 100g±5g, while CACL, with many years of technology accumulation and continuous innovation, pioneered the filling accuracy 100g±2g ultracold gas charging machine, raise the industry standard once again. CA-788C-CR170 has been designed to charge R170, R508B or other ultracold gas. Charging volume up to 999g, charging precision 100g ≤ ±2g.

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