Helium recovery machine

Helium detection is considered to be the most efficient leak detection in refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. Through helium detection, we can easily locate the leak point. CA-HN2E Helium recovery machine achieves low helium consumption, fast recovery speeds and minimum maintenance for manufacturers, provides an easy and efficient way to increase production and quality. The HN2E can be customized according to practical requirements to meet the production requirements of different refrigeration machines.

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Vacuum chamber

Household refrigeration industry evaporators, condensers and other products due to the large output, so the detection of the beat of the higher requirements, the general use of outside the box filled with helium inspection leak, take time, fill helium, recycling, box leak detection. Main technical performance: Ø Vacuum box size according to the size of the product to determine Ø generally three boxes of linkage system, beat up to 20 ~ 60S / box Ø open the door way: according to process requirements design, generally drawer, pull type Ø The vacuum box sets the safety grating Ø With clear helium function Ø helium can be recovered, the recovery rate of up to 98%

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