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What is refrigerant reclaimer

Refrigerant recovery machine is a kind of equipment for recovering refrigerant, which is used to recover refrigerant from refrigeration machinery (refrigerators such as civil and commercial air conditioners, refrigerators, heat pump units, screw centrifuges, etc.). At the same time, the refrigerant shall be treated to some extent, such as drying, impurities filtering, oil separation, etc. So as to facilitate the secondary utilization of refrigerant. From the perspective of environmental protection and economy, it is widely used in household and commercial central air conditioners, refrigerator manufacturers and after-sales services. Principle of refrigerant reclaimer:



How to add refrigerant correctly

We are no strangers to refrigerants. We can see them in refrigerators, air conditioners and other places in our homes. When the refrigerant changes from a gas state to a liquid state, the air conditioner of the car also releases a lot of heat, but when it changes from a liquid state to a gas state, it will absorb heat. Due to its characteristics, it can realize a large number of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating. Therefore, today let's take a look at the correct filling method of refrigerant filling. Many people think that refrigerant is only liquid. In fact, there are also gaseous refrigerants. Refrigerant addition of two refrigerants in different states is also different. Liquid refrigerant can only be filled through the high-pressure side, which is safer, faster and suitable for air extraction. When adding refrigerant, please note that the liquid refrigerant must be inverted. The gaseous refrigerant must be injected through the low pressure side. Due to the slow filling speed, it is suitable for supplementary use. Let's have a brief understanding of the sale. Steps of the method for adding refrigerant at the high-pressure side:



How to install filtration and drainage device for liquid feeder

The reason of installing filter on LNG dispenser is analyzed. As the air pressure pipeline contains water, the compressed air enters the dryer equipment after being pressurized by the air compressor, and then enters the air pressure pipe network after being filtered by the molecular sieve of the dryer. If the air pressure pipe is buried too long, LNG cryogenic liquid pipeline and pneumatic pipeline will be buried in the dispenser together. Pneumatic pipeline is a steel pipe used for long-term low-temperature water production. Water can produce rust and dirt. In serious cases, this usually leads to abnormal opening and closing of the pneumatic valve of the dispenser: ① The air in the pneumatic pipeline enters the solenoid valve and is blocked by water and dirt, causing the solenoid valve to be damaged and unable to control the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve;



Operation process of liquid feeder

Now, let's introduce the operation of the dispenser. 1、 Preparation before work 1. The operator is responsible for pre cooling the pipeline and aerator during the filling process of the submersible pump. 2. Check the compressed air system for normal operation and leakage.



A new method of manufacturing fluorine injection machine

Fluorine adding is usually defined as adding fluorine to the air conditioner, that is, adding refrigerant (Freon) to the air conditioner compressor with a professional prop fluorine injection machine. Freon is the heat transfer medium in air-conditioning refrigeration system. Without it, heat would be ineffective. The air conditioner cannot be cooled or heated, so once the air conditioner lacks fluorine, it will show poor cooling (heating) effect, no cooling (heating), protective shutdown, indoor unit leakage (sometimes watering), internal machine evaporator freezing, etc. And there are no more problems on the surface, which reduces the service life of the air conditioner, wastes power and damages the air conditioner compressor. Therefore, if the air conditioner is to be used normally, there must be enough Freon to enter through the fluorine injection machine.



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