ACR series recycling machine can recycle R22, R134a, R410A, R407C and other HCFC&HFC series mainstream refrigerants at the recycling speed of 25-90kg/h. Due to the adoption of a touch screen and the operation of a PLC control system, the machine can be controlled intelligently, can set all the parameters on the touch screen, and can emit sound-light alarms and display specific reasons when abnormal recycling occurs. Due to the adoption of a high-efficiency oilless compressor, ACR recycling machine can quickly recycle all the liquid and gaseous refrigerants, with the recycling rate of ≥95%. The purity of the recycled refrigerants is ensured by patented oil separation and multiple drying filtration technologies. The optional stainless steel transfer cylinder is equipped with a liquid level scaleplate and a liquid level sensor to display the recycling amount clearly and intuitively.

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