What is refrigerant reclaimer


Refrigerant recovery machine is a kind of equipment for recovering refrigerant, which is used to recover refrigerant from refrigeration machinery (refrigerators such as civil and commercial air conditioners, refrigerators, heat pump units, screw centrifuges, etc.). At the same time, the refrigerant shall be treated to some extent, such as drying, impurities filtering, oil separation, etc. So as to facilitate the secondary utilization of refrigerant. From the perspective of environmental protection and economy, it is widely used in household and commercial central air conditioners, refrigerator manufacturers and after-sales services.
Principle of refrigerant reclaimer:

Common recovery connection mode: the air conditioning refrigerant enters the recovery system through the liquid mirror, becomes liquid through the compressor and condenser, and enters the steel cylinder. The pressure sensor on the electronic scale transmits the weight conversion data of the cylinder to the main board of the electronic scale, and the refrigerant recovery machine chip displays the refrigerant recovery amount on the LCD panel after calculation. After the cylinder recovers to 80%, open the liquid level switch, close the valve and terminate the recovery. At this time, check whether there is unknown gas, open the unknown gas release valve, release the unknown gas, and the refrigerant reclaimer continues to recycle. If the refrigerant tank is overheated, it can be put into cold water to speed up recovery. Or after the refrigerant in the air conditioning system is completely recovered, the refrigerant recovery machine will automatically stop. During this process, if the pressure is too high or too low, an alarm will sound and the indicator will flash.
Evacuation in refrigerant reclaimer system:
After using the refrigerant recovery machine or replacing the drying filter, vacuum the system and perform the following operations:
1. Connect the end of the long hose with the ball valve in the spare parts and close the ball valve;
2. Open the high and low pressure valves on the operation panel;
3. Open the recovery valve on the operation panel and rotate it to the parallel position;
4. Open the vacuum valve on the operation panel and rotate it to the parallel position;
5. Close the recovery valve on the back of the refrigerant reclaimer and rotate it to the vertical position;
6. Use the electronic scale operation panel to set the vacuum pumping time
When the time is up, the vacuum pump of the refrigerant reclaimer will stop automatically. When the pointer of the low pressure gauge on the panel points to 29-30inHg, keep it for 5 minutes, and observe the change of the vacuum degree on the pressure gauge. If there is no change, proceed to the next step; If there is any change, check each coupling for rotation. After tightening, continue to vacuum. After vacuumizing, close all valves of the refrigerant reclaimer.