How to add refrigerant correctly


We are no strangers to refrigerants. We can see them in refrigerators, air conditioners and other places in our homes. When the refrigerant changes from a gas state to a liquid state, the air conditioner of the car also releases a lot of heat, but when it changes from a liquid state to a gas state, it will absorb heat. Due to its characteristics, it can realize a large number of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating. Therefore, today let's take a look at the correct filling method of refrigerant filling.
Many people think that refrigerant is only liquid. In fact, there are also gaseous refrigerants. Refrigerant addition of two refrigerants in different states is also different. Liquid refrigerant can only be filled through the high-pressure side, which is safer, faster and suitable for air extraction. When adding refrigerant, please note that the liquid refrigerant must be inverted. The gaseous refrigerant must be injected through the low pressure side. Due to the slow filling speed, it is suitable for supplementary use. Let's have a brief understanding of the sale.
Steps of the method for adding refrigerant at the high-pressure side:

1. After emptying the system, close the high pressure and low pressure manual valves on the manifold pressure gauge.
2. Connect one end of the intermediate hose to the connector of the refrigerant tank injection valve. Open the refrigerant tank opening valve, unscrew the nut at the end of the manifold pressure gauge hose, allow the gas to escape for a few minutes, and then tighten the nut.
3. Loosen the manual valve on the high-pressure side to fully open it, and then invert the refrigerant tank.
4. Add the specified amount of refrigerant from the high-pressure side. Close the refrigerant tank injection valve and the high-pressure manual valve on the manifold pressure gauge, and then remove the pressure gauge. When the refrigerant is added to the system from the high-pressure side, the engine is not started (the compressor stops).
Refrigerant filling steps at low pressure end:
1. Connect the manifold pressure gauge with the compressor and refrigeration box.
2. Open the refrigerant tank, loosen the nut of the middle injection hose on the manifold pressure gauge until the sound of refrigerant vapor flowing is heard, and then tighten the nut to discharge the air in the injection hose.
3. Open the low-pressure manual valve to start refrigerant filling. When the system pressure reaches 0.4MPa, close the low pressure manual valve.
4. Start the engine, turn on the air conditioner switch, and turn up the blower switch and temperature control switch.
5. Open the manual valve on the manifold pressure gauge, and let the refrigerant continue to enter the refrigeration system until the filling amount reaches the specified value.
6. After adding the specified amount of refrigerant into the system, observe whether there are bubbles and there is not too much refrigerant from the observation glass, and then adjust the engine speed to 2000r/min.