Operation process of liquid feeder


Now, let's introduce the operation of the dispenser.
1、 Preparation before work
1. The operator is responsible for pre cooling the pipeline and aerator during the filling process of the submersible pump.
2. Check the compressed air system for normal operation and leakage.
3. In the "Parameter Setting" on the computer interface of the dispenser control system, select "LNG Filling" for the submersible pump to input liquid and return gas, and then close the emergency shutdown valve at the outlet. The precooling temperature of submersible pump is set to - 115 ℃.
4. After the pre cooling of submersible pump is completed, press the "Pre cooling" button on the distributor operation panel. Pre cooling filling vacuum pipe and filling machine. The pre cooling temperature of the distributor is set to - 115 ° C.


2、 Operation process
1. Command the vehicle to stop, ask the driver to turn off the engine, pull the hand brake, pull out the key, and then turn off the main power supply.
2. Fill two triangular timbers under the wheels to prevent the vehicle from slipping.
3. The driver opens the panel of the vehicle's liquid dispenser, and the liquid injection worker requires the driver to stand outside the production line.
4. Put the filling machine into the vehicle filling platform.
5. Press the "OK" button on the distributor operation panel to start filling.
6. When the airborne cylinder pressure is less than 0.8MPa and stable, the air return equipment can be removed in advance.
7. During the filling process, strictly monitor the display data, the pressure changes of on-board cylinders and filling machines to avoid overfilling and non operation. At the same time, check whether the filling machine and the filling clamp seat are leaking. If any abnormality is found, it shall be handled.
3、 Non quantitative measurement of liquid feeder
Put the filling gun into the filling rack of the vehicle, connect the air gun and the air return tank, and then press the inflation button on the filler keyboard to fill. When the on-board cylinder reaches the filling coefficient, the filling machine will automatically stop filling by default. In this process, you can also press the stop button to manually end the filling.
4、 Quantitative dosing
Set the amount of gas (M3 or kg) or the amount added through the keyboard, and then press the gas dispensing key to start adding liquid. When the set value is reached or not, but the pressure and flow are less than the set value of the distributor, the filling will stop automatically.
5、 End of liquid filling
1. After the filling of the dispenser is completed, the buzzer of the computer control equipment will give three beeps continuously, and the filling will stop automatically.
2. Remove the dispenser from the vehicle liquid filling card base, and then place the liquid filling gun head on the bracket to complete the filling.
3. Ask the driver to sign the bill.
4. Evacuate the triangle wood, loosen the vehicle, and guide the next vehicle in place.