A new method of manufacturing fluorine injection machine


Fluorine adding is usually defined as adding fluorine to the air conditioner, that is, adding refrigerant (Freon) to the air conditioner compressor with a professional prop fluorine injection machine. Freon is the heat transfer medium in air-conditioning refrigeration system. Without it, heat would be ineffective. The air conditioner cannot be cooled or heated, so once the air conditioner lacks fluorine, it will show poor cooling (heating) effect, no cooling (heating), protective shutdown, indoor unit leakage (sometimes watering), internal machine evaporator freezing, etc. And there are no more problems on the surface, which reduces the service life of the air conditioner, wastes power and damages the air conditioner compressor. Therefore, if the air conditioner is to be used normally, there must be enough Freon to enter through the fluorine injection machine.